Make Memories

"Plant the memory in your heart like a tree and maybe someday... a bird will come to sing..." -Anonymous-

My Craft room

I am hoping to keep it this way for a long time, coz, it's really frustrating to move my stuff around. I am spending too much time of re-arranging everything and lesser time to create, hoping this time it will go the other way around. lol!

 I have organized my papers and hopefully I'll keep it up.
Right side for colored cardstock and left side for patterned papers/cardstock.

I stacked my patterned paper inside the jetmax drawer on hanging folders, some on the shelves that are segregated in cropper hopper organizers and some on a 12 x 12 plastic refills hanging on my slatwall. I'm happy with it! ---for now... hahaha!

'Got to add a mismatched side table, to tuck other papers and envelopes and a mini tv to keep my kids occupied while I try not to be bothered... it actually doesn't work coz often times,  I am the one getting hooked on watching while they are doing their picasso-like arts and my 1 yr old opening all my drawers and messing all what's inside... lol!

I am trying my best to keep my table cleared after a project has been done. hope to keep it up tidy.
 Got to get rid of other magazines and leave a few fave
... my bulletin board should be out from there... but anyweiz, that's its place for now.

Wall of my all my no-available-album yet scrapbook page or on-going project to be added on the album later.

My daughter thought it's missing one, and so she figured out her drawing will help to complete the wall. I've got to get more clip hooks.

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