Make Memories

"Plant the memory in your heart like a tree and maybe someday... a bird will come to sing..." -Anonymous-

18kt Gold Rose Treat bags

18-Kt Gold Leafing pen
Flower Shoppe Cartridge for the roses
Wall Decor and More for the stem with leaves
Medium Paper bag from Michaels

I also made extra treat inside the bag, princess coloring pages

Princess Belle Invitation

Here's the invitation I made for my niece's 7th birthday. Using Disney's Dreams Come True and Wild Card Cartridge. I used vellum premade envelopes.

My crafty 5-year old girl

Album cover page - MPS challenge

One of my favorite thing to do is to scrapbook....  A simple cover page for the album I am doing right now using one of my fave cartridge... Cindy Loo... My scrapbooking style varies, but mostly involves simple lines,shapes or objects, I usually let the pictures stand out more than my embellishment.  But sometimes I think, I am just too scared to try to be bold... maybe... I guess.

K- treat baskets

Cindy Loo cartridge - basket
Once upon a princess cartridge - monogram crown

My Pink Stamper challenge- Design Team Call


  • *You will need to have a blog that you regularly post on for at least 3 months.
  • You cannot already be serving on a DT that has product that is a conflict of interest (most DTs are just fine as long as they do not sell product that is similar to My Pink Stamper Original Cricut Stamps idea)
  • *Your project must be made just for this challenge
  • *Post a pic on your blog with a full recipe along with what the challenge is about
  • *This needs to be a new project that you make just for this challenge
  • *Only one entry per person, please
  • *You do not need to be a professional but you must have a love for the craft!  :)
  • Challenge:  Make a card, scrapbook page, or other Cricut project with your favorite Cricut cartridge using the following colors......
                   (other optional color of your choice)


A. Plantin Schoolbook cartridge cuts:
  1. With a green cardstock (Granny Smith – Coredinations), cut a 4 x 4 circle centering it on the half of the 12 x 6 cardstock.
  2.  With an acetate, cut a 4.25 x 4.25 circle
  3. With a white cardstock, cut a ring using 2 circles overlapping each other (dimension of 4 x 4 and 4.5 x 4.5)
B. Kate’s ABC cartridge cuts page 60 all 4 inches in height:
  1. Cut Girl6 on a brown cardstock
  2. Cut Girl6-s on a green cardstock
  3. Cut Layer1 on green cardstock
  4. Cut Layer1-s on floral orange cardstock
  5. Cut Layer2 on floral orange cardstock
  6. Cut Layer2-s on tan cardstock

  1. Place a glue on the ring and sprinkle with a turquoise glitter
  2. Position the acetate circle on top of  the circle opening of the card
  3. Using a tacky tape or a tacky glue, adhere the ring to the top of the acetate
  4. Stamp sentiments and using a 0.9 mm tombo glue pen, outline the letters and sprinkle turquoise glitters.
  5. Position sentiment and orange polka dot ribbon
  6. Adhere all cuts of Girl together
  7. Sprinkle turquoise glitter on the hat ribbon and flower
  8. Glue inside the card.

Picture Perfect

Cricut lite lacy labels cartridge.

fast solt'n for a paper gift bag

it really helps to stock up on a plain paper bag.
you never know what occassion you might need it.
Mostly, it helps to have a cricut to dress-up  a plain bag you have.

Life's a party cartridge.

The Graduate

My Craft room

I am hoping to keep it this way for a long time, coz, it's really frustrating to move my stuff around. I am spending too much time of re-arranging everything and lesser time to create, hoping this time it will go the other way around. lol!

 I have organized my papers and hopefully I'll keep it up.
Right side for colored cardstock and left side for patterned papers/cardstock.

I stacked my patterned paper inside the jetmax drawer on hanging folders, some on the shelves that are segregated in cropper hopper organizers and some on a 12 x 12 plastic refills hanging on my slatwall. I'm happy with it! ---for now... hahaha!

'Got to add a mismatched side table, to tuck other papers and envelopes and a mini tv to keep my kids occupied while I try not to be bothered... it actually doesn't work coz often times,  I am the one getting hooked on watching while they are doing their picasso-like arts and my 1 yr old opening all my drawers and messing all what's inside... lol!

I am trying my best to keep my table cleared after a project has been done. hope to keep it up tidy.
 Got to get rid of other magazines and leave a few fave
... my bulletin board should be out from there... but anyweiz, that's its place for now.

Wall of my all my no-available-album yet scrapbook page or on-going project to be added on the album later.

My daughter thought it's missing one, and so she figured out her drawing will help to complete the wall. I've got to get more clip hooks.