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Baby Shower invitation

I made this brown and pink Baby shower invitation for our friend, am glad that they all liked it. Although i have a Cricut new arrival cartridge I still decided not use the baby stuff in there-just yet! coz it's just new to me! I would love to do it in the future once I get the hang of it... The very first thing that came my mind was a circle card, and that will fit to a CD sleeves and so i decided to work with a circle and from there I thought of the rests of the details that will make a unique ones-hopefully I did it!

Card itself was made with cricut design studio and cricut new arrival cartridge circle, the one that have a ready made holes for threading ribbons etc. Embossing was made with the circle cuttlebug folder, after I cut the card. The keychain that's hanging in front was made by ms office powerpoint (coz office is the easiest tool for me as of now still working my way to learn about adobe or other softwares) - I printed it to the shrink films, punched hole then bake then voila! instant thin clay-baked-like texture and weight, then attached it to a store bought snake keychain rings.

Texts inside was created with msoffice word including the pink and brown polka dots. I made a negative circles from the 12 x 12 cardstock, and aligned the papers at the back so i can cut 4 at a time.I could have used my other handheld tools but cricut is just the fastest way to go.

The envelopes were just a store bought CD sleeves that I was able to print with my MSWord by just setting up the margins and sizes.

Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

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