Make Memories

"Plant the memory in your heart like a tree and maybe someday... a bird will come to sing..." -Anonymous-

owl miss you

Last day treats for my girl's classmates

Silhouette cameo print and cut with an 8-1/2 x 11  mailing labels sticker paper. Yes the Cheaper ones than of the silhouette brand ones -sorry! I love them but crafters need to find cheaper options sometimes, right?
The owl images were from Miss Kate Cuttables past freebie -thank you very much!

I will try putting some tutorial post along with the settings used for this hershey's nuggets stickers.... soon!

having a hoot with vinyl

Found this last month at walmart as clearance from mother's day stuff, was $4.97 but if i remember right it was marked down to $2.50.  It was cute as it was but thought I can add something.

With my silhouette cameo, made to these for my kids'  homeroom teachers.

Pretzel Sticks

 With 3 kids in school and more treats to make, we've chosen to do pretzel sticks, aside from being cheaper, tastier, it was easier as well.

2012 Christmas treats

 (Just now that I got this chance to post my previous works)

Baby Shower for my friend


The sour cream pouch favors were stuffed with kisses chocolates!
This is a white ceramic kitchen utensils holder that I got from Walmart for about $4.00 each and dressed up with vinyl and ribbon.
Pregnant mommy is cut with cricut and the circles were from a 1-inch punch.

Documents and School Paper Organization

Special thanks to for inspirations

Kitchen Organization


Special thanks to for inspirations

Chore Chart

I want my kids to be responsible and I dont want to remind them EVERYDAY what to do. 
I have been looking for a good chore chart that really fits my family need but none in the store is really for us.  So I thought, hey! I got all the tools I need why not make one! (I know, a lot had made these too! and thanks to them, I got more inspirations)

Here's the deal! I don't like to pay my kids doing their chores or their daily routine, I want them to take responsibilities.
(Things like ...from making their bed up until we kissed goodnight! -that shouldn't be paid right?) So i came up with a reward system (It wasn't much of a reward actually, since they already are playing their video games during weekends- I think I tricked them too! coz they no longer have to stay longer on video games or computers, or my phone and my tablet).  A 30-minute play pass for each night they finished - in that way I have them do their chores and limit their video games as well.. So if they don't do one thing from their chart, no reward will be given.

But... of course,  I want them to be able to help me as well on cleaning stuff in the house, some might say "it should be included on their responsibility" yeah! it is really right but, my kids never get any allowance from us, so I figured out this can help them save and earn their money.  from 10cents to 25 cents per household chart! not so bad right. This is also one way of teaching them to be responsible in the house and with handling their money.

This is the reward they get each night
Sample chores

Sample Paid chores: The code in the corner is for tracking what they did and logged on to their pretend passbook ( It is actually my never used check tracker that comes with our check books-will be posting it soon!)  

 I came across some blogs that says lunch money should not be regard as allowance, coz it is our responsibilty being their parents to feed them.. I think I believe it at some point.
My kids bring lunch 2-3 times a week, but mostly they want to get lunch in their school cafeteria. so I talked to them,
 and told them for each day they choose to bring lunch from home, the money tehy will save from not buying from the cafeteria will be added to your account ($2.00 is what they spend for a meal in school), and they like the idea.  I also told them they need to save for college too! so start with small money.  We keep track of them by logging it on the same passbook for their paid chores.
Hope you enjoyed reading! thanks!